Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Antisemitism in Greek blogs

The purpose of this blog is to keep a continuously updated list of blogs, most of which are written in Greek, which persistently publish antisemitic comments or permit, without response, hence implying agreement, antisemitic comments to be posted by readers. There are many Greek nationalist blogs and web pages (both of the right and left-wing flavors), but unless they also publish explicitly antisemitic or anti-Jewish comments, they are not listed here. Shedding light into these dark recesses of the minds and souls of some modern Greeks is the only way to hold accountable those (and there are far too many of them) who, usually from the shadows of anonymity, peddle poisonous rumors, spread conspiratorial innuendos and present lies as facts because of some dark obsession with Jews. As Plato wrote, "We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy is when men are afraid of the light".
  • Η Αλήθεια να Λέγεται (Truth be told) - Commentary, in Greek (there's a separate site for articles in English) by an eponymous and apparently educated and literate woman, on Greek politics, society and the economy, as well as on more abstract issues, like morality and religion (very much anti-Greek Orthodox), generally from a conservative standpoint. This is representative of a number of Greek blogs (and Greek intellectuals), who in spite their education and intelligence, adhere to the belief that "Hellenism" (with or without the Christian Orthodox component) and "Judaism" are and have been since ancient times in conflict.
  • Αντιφωνητής - Web site of print journal by same name. Posts in Greek and English on current Greek political and social affairs, often specific to Thrace (northeastern region of Greece) and with frequent anti-Jewish and antisemitic references.
  • Alkimos archive - Clearly the owner is educated and most posts (in Greek) are on items related to current and recent Greek history, politics and society, with a few covering technology and science. The author comes across as moderate in tone and reasonable in argument, albeit with a decidedly anti-American and, to a lesser extend, anti-European streak. But when the writer looks for causes outside Greece then various conspiracy theories, featuring Americans and Jews as the villains, are rehashed by way of explanation.
  • Allu Fun Marx: Βόλτες στην Blogoslovakia - Posts, in Greek, on Greek music, poetry, Che Guevara and Greek leftist and nationalist musings, sprinkled with occasional anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish comments.
  • Amphiktyon - A retired Greek army officer runs this site, which possesses significant entertainment value, although this was probably not the site owner's intention. The gentleman espouses rather idiosyncratic views underscored by the usual theme that everyone is out to get the Greeks. Many of his views are expressed in free-verse poems of moderate length, wherein he advocates the espulsion if immigrants, bemoans the current stateof afairs in Greece and castigates (surprise!) Jews and "zionists" for everythings that's wrong with the world.
  • Avragioz - Nationalist-socialist blog, mostly railing against the current government, the Turks, the Former Yugoslav Republican Macedonians and, of course, Israelis and Jews in general.
  • Berlin - Athen - Nationalist socialist blog in Greek and German (more recent posts are mostly in Greek). Revisionist takes on recent history (e.g. "The Nazis did not kill women and children ...but the Israelis consider them a perfect target") and obsession with the real or imaginary Jewish heritage of public figures: The chief editor of the German newspaper Die Zeit is identified as Jewish because he wriote against Iranian President Αhmedinadschad's speach at the Durban II conference, a speech that prompted a walkout by Western countries. The supposed Jewish heritage of Greek opposition leader George Papandreou''s grandmother (!) is mentioned as an indication of his supposed pro-Israeli bias. It's all a big conspiracy for this writer.
  • Δελτίο των 11 (News at 11) - From the site's statement (translated from the Greek): "No to the banker's junta ... No to the "chosen people" and their byproducts". Antisemitic conspiratorial blog, which bases its outlook on the premise that "since ancient times there has been a conflict between two worldviews which emanate from from the philosophers and wise mean of each nation" (post with title "Hellenism vs. Zionism")
  • Εθνικά Θέματα - Ελλάδα (National matters - Greece) - Nationalist blog that is unabashedly antisemitic (title of entry from 4/21: "The Jews, one insidious people - Εβραίοι, ένας ύπουλος λαός"). It has advocated the lifting of Greek nationality from Greek Jews and their expulsion. The usual claptrap about how Jews conspire with the other usual suspects against Greece.
  • Enotian revolution (huh?) - A most unusual coat of arms, a Byzantine-like double headed eagle holding a hammer and a sickle, Byzantium meets the Soviet Union. A blog by an eponymous Greek-American, in Greek and in English, who rails against his country's perceived injustices towards Greece. The rest of the world does not fare much better, either. Evidently, anti-Greek sentiment is rampant throughout the globe, at least according to Fidanakis. Naturally, Turkey is the worst offender with the hapless Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia not far behind. He would like to unite all of Turkey's historical enemies with Greece as the leader, of course. The usual antisemitic conspiratorial drivel.
  • Filostratos - This blog (in Greek) reflects a relatively small but quite vocal group of Greeks who, during the past 10-15 years, have come out against the Greek Orthodox church and its clergy because, they argue, Christianity extinguished the glorious ancient Greek civilization and culture. Jews are considered responsible for introducing Christianity to the world (Εβραιοχριστιανοί - Hebrewchristians), something that the more extreme adherents to this view consider as an organized conspiracy to subvert the Greek civilization.
  • Greek alert - Nationalistic and Greek Orthodox religious blog in Greek. Enemies within (immigrants) and without (Macedonians, Turks, Europeans, Americans). Not explicitly antisemitic but the mask comes off often, disguised, of course, as anti-Zionism.
  • Greek American News Agency - Mostly in Greek, not quite a blog, but reads like one, covering items of interest to Greek-Americans and Greeks. In addition to "news" on arcane disputes among political and religious factions of Greek-Americans, the site generally presents items that purport to show that American policy towards Greece is pro-Turkish and pro-Macedonian, often because of the influence of the "Jewish lobby".
  • Hellas-Orthodoxy - Self-styled Greek Orthodox blog but with no affiliation with the Greek Orthodox Church. The latter, especially under its current leadership, is keeping clear of extremist views, in fact the official position of the Church has been for many decades to condemn antisemitism, even though some of its clergy and its followers have been paying no heed. So do these posting at this site the usual antisemitic accusations that Jews are responsible for the world's ills. It would be quite interesting, however, to put these people and those writing in, say, in the Filostratos blog (see above) in the same room and lock the door...
  • Hellenic antidote - Nationalistic Greek-Cypriot blog in English. The eponymous blog owner writes a lot about anti-Cypriot and anti-Greek conspiracies by the U.S. and Europeans (the British are the worst offenders, perhaps because they allow him to live in their country) and usually expresses great disdain towards anyone who is not Greek. Not explicitly antisemitic, but the owner, who is quick to respond to any comment he disagrees with, lets go without comment the usual antisemitic drivel posted by visitors to his blog.
  • Ο Καθρέπτης της Παγκόσμιας Σκηνής (The Mirror of the World Scene) - Virulently anti-American, anti-European, anti-Globalization and, of course, anti-Isreal and anti-Semitic blog. Plenty of links to well-known antisemitic blogs and the posts never fail to claim that Jews are responsible for much that happens in the world. A reporter who writes (in a British paper) unfavorably about Greece is identified as a "known zionist", the implication being that this is relevant and related to the reporter's presumed anti-Greek bias.
  • Makelio (Greeklish for Slaughter) - Combines extreme conspiratorial musings with soft porn. Masons, Turks, Americans and, behind them all, "Zionists" are responsible for everything that's happening in the world. Thy all see to have it in for Greece in particualar, although no explanation why they would bother.
  • Νέα χωρίς φίλτρο φελλού (News without a cork filter) - Mixture of Nationalist-socialist musings, in Greek, on how the ills of Greece and the world's are due to conspiracies of transnational elites, with Americans and (of course) Jews at the forefront.
  • Olympia.gr - General conspiratorial blog in Greek. Everything that goes wrong, from AIDS to the proven doping of Greek athletes during the 2008 summer Olympics to the criminal activities of Greek gangs, is a result of a dark plot, spearheaded by the US and some mysterious powers (occasionally explicitly fingered as Jews) to take Greece down one notch or two. A weird amalgam of anti-capitalist, semi-socialist, nationalistic, Greek Orthodox posts, likely reflecting several different individual contributors.
  • Skeftomasteellhnika (We think Greek) - Crypto-to-open fascist commentary (in Greek in spite the tortuous Greeklish title), often in very crude language, accompanied by typical national socialist references to the plight of the working people because of actions of Americans and Western Europeans. Predominantly on Greek politics and society, with the obligatory anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish fantasies sprinkling the various conspiracy theories purporting to explain why the world has it in for the Greeks.
  • Τα χάλια - Advertises itself as the "No. 1 Macedonian blog". Covers everyday events in Thessaloniki and Macedonia, rails against real and perceived shortcomings of the Greek government and politicians, especially with regard to relations with the Former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia and Turkey, and occasionally publishes stupid conspiracy theories and other antisemitic musings (see here).
  • Thermopilai - Blog sponsored by right wing nationalist grouping. Rails against Turks, Albanians, immigrants, Americans, Greek leftists and many others. Jews are, of course, main targets (example: "Ο διεθνής σιωνισμός άλωσε καίρια την πολιτική ζωή της Ελλάδας, εγκαθιδρύοντας το κοινοβουλευτικό πλαίσιο" - "International Zionism critically destroyed Greek life, by establishing the parliamentary framework").
  • Το Λημέρι (The den) - Nationalist-socialist blog with the customary antisemitic drivel. Finds "Zionist" conspiracies everywhere, especially against Greece. A picture of EC President Jose Manuel Baroso, who, for reasons unclear, has recently been a favorite target of this an dother blogs holding similar views, meeting with representatives of Jewish organization, is used to argue that Zionists are behind his ascention to the office he holds (which is relatively powerless).
  • Το Μακεδονικό ζήτημα σήμερα (The Macedonian question today) - There are many blogs and websites engaged in the ongoing war of words between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; this one (in Greek) appears to be one of the more frequently linked ones. Extremely nationalistic, virulently anti-American and ready to accuse, usually in very crude and rude language, everyone outside Greece as well as many inside of participating in a massive conspiracy against Greece and its interests in Macedonia. Co-conspirators are Americans, Turks, Masons, the Illuminati (!) and, of course, Jews.
  • Τόπος Ελλήνων (Place of Greeks) - Advocates the superiority (moral, cultural, intellectual) of Greeks and rails against America, Europe and, of ourse, the "Jewish-Zionist" conspiracy that, according to the eponymous site owner, is responsible for all sorts of ills that plague the modern world, such as the drug trade, wars, the Sept. 11 attacks and the current world financial crisis. Fairly entertaining (albeit unintentionally) otherwise...


  1. Dear "Hellenic Reporter"
    Thank you very much for advertising my blogs and my ideas. So very kind of you!
    You see, so far I had received no other recommendation, positive or negative. Therefore, yours is very welcome.:-)

    I wish you success in your new important endeavor, for which I am sure, anyway. The only thing that is missing is your real name, and this undermines the sincerity and the seriousness of your writings...
    Yours sincerely
    Maria Seferou

  2. Not at all, Ms. Seferou, although I would not necessarily characterize my comments a "recommendation" for your ideas, but if this is how you view being considered an antisemite, who am I to argue. As for not publishing my real name, I will do so when (if) the level of this type of exchange reaches a more civil tone, so one who disagrees with your views is not labeled an agent of foreign interests (as you implied about me in Mr. Alkimos' blog but, evidently, did not have the courage to do it here). Until then I have my family to consider. As you well know, in Greeece today being an antisemite is not only not frownded upon but actually gets you accolades, whilst speaking against antisemitism makes you part of some dark Zionist conspiracy. O tempora o mores!

  3. Σε ποιον τους καρφώνεις αυτούς εσύ τώρα;
    Στη Μοσάντ;

  4. For those who do not know Greek, Anonymous wrote: "To whom are you informing on them? Mossad?"

    I assume "them" refers to the antisemitic blogs I have listed. The Greek word "καρφώνω" is translated as "to nail" and in Greek is used colloquially to indicate informing on someone behind that person back, e.g. an anonymous phone call to the police regarding a neighbor's building an addition to his house without a permit or an anonymous note to the boss about a co-worked who called in sick but actually went to the beach. However, in this context it is, of course, illogical to argue that one can secretly inform on people who state their views publicly for millions to read and who, as Ms. Seferou indicated above, welcome publicity, *any* publicity. As the Irish poet Brendan Behan said, "There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary". As for the Mossad reference (Mossad being the Israeli Intelligence Service), well, if Mossad is relying on blogs like mine to collect intelligence information then Israel is in serious trouble, indeed. Seriously though, any organization or individual with moderate computer skills (unlike my own) would have gathered the information I posted and hundred times more by more methodical means than my approach, which is to just follow links from blog to blog.

  5. Δεν φτιάχνεις καλύτερα λίστα με μπλόγκ της μαλακίας που θα βρείς και περισσότερα?

  6. "Hellenic Reporter" said: "As for not publishing my real name, I will do so when (if) the level of this type of exchange reaches a more civil tone, so one who disagrees with your views is not labeled an agent of foreign interests"

    Before you obtain the moral authority to talk about the "civil level" of the tone of others, you must first reach that level yourself and not call them names because you disagree with their views. Someone who publicly but anonymously accuses fellow human beings and gives them the label of "anti-Semite", does not qualify for that.

    If you respected yourself, you should quote point by point the phrases in those blogs that you consider as "anti-Semitic", prove that they are false, and let your readers judge for themselves if that is "antisemitism" or not.

    But, unfortunately for yourself, you did not do this, as your aim is not a genuine and civilised dialogue but to throw mud on people. You obviously know that the mud of antisemitism is very popular and sticks well.

    Apparently, you had no other constructive ideas to draw attention to yourself...
    I am so sorry for you!

  7. Βρε βλάκα όποιος κι αν είσαι και κρύβεσαι πίσω από το προσωπείο δήθεν Έλληνα,μάθε ότι η ελευθερία της έκφρασης είναι δικαίωμα,και αν θες να είσαι φερέφωνο των εχθρών του Ελληνισμού δικαίωμά σου,αλλά η αλήθεια δεν κρύβεται,και το ψέμα έχει κοντά πόδια.

  8. Antisemitism in the Greek Blogs
    Dear Sir
    I would like to inform you that censorship ceased to exist in Greece since the summer of 1974 when the Military Junta collapsed.
    Further more please be informed that in 2009 only in Iran and in Myanmar exists censorship in the blogs .
    So if you like you visit and read the articles and comments posted in Greek blogs , or if you dont like our comments ,you just avoid us.
    In Greece we have no prejudice against any Nation of the World.Like you do in your country , treating the Arab inhabitants of Israel as 2nd class citizens !!!

    Aris Dimitratos

  9. @Maria Seferou
    Come off it, no claims of "moral authority" are made, but simply stating a fact, that if one espouses views on certain topics that are in variance with the view of the majority or even a vocal minority in Greece, one suffers. I have had many discussions with friends and "friends" to know that this is true. I will grant you part of your other point, however, that quoting phrases from the blogs in question could help illustrate my point better, but then one could just as easily argue that I was quoting out of context. So since the blogs I mention are public people can visit and read everything in context and make up their own minds and if they determine that what I write does not match what they read then they will stop coming here. Simple!

    For those who cannot read Greek this response is a series of insults and accusations that I speak for the enemies of Greece. Which really validates my point...

    @Aris Dimitratos (Anonymous)
    Thank you for the history lesson, it is as I remember it, since I was at school in Greece (well, actually, on summer break) when democracy was restored in 1974 . However, freedom of speech in a democracy is not only the right to ignore those views which you find disagreeable or offensive, after all you can do this in a dictatorship under censorship, as many Greeks did during the Colonels' rule and the citizens or Iran and Myanmar are doing daily. Freedom of speech is primarily the right to respond to such views, as you yourself have done here and as I am doing and intend to continue doing. As to your final comment, I am confused, my country is Greece and am not aware of any discrimination against the Arab inhabitants of Israel. Indeed, Greece as a state does not discriminate against other Nations, and as you can see it is not the policies of the state of Greece I am arguing against but rather the deplorable attitudes of many of its citizens.

  10. There are a few more comments from "Anonymous" (same person or different people, I cannot tell), all of which, after some unoriginal insults to my intelligence, personal hygiene and sexual proclivities, make the same "points" as Anonymous above.

  11. This is a widespread disease in Greece: Everybody has to have a uniform opinion. Whether we are talking about mainstream media, street talk or left or right wing "stagonidia" media, when someone disagrees and states his/her opinion publicly, he/she immediately will be characterized as agent of dark antihellenic forces.

  12. Χριστός Ανέστη!

  13. Αληθώς Ανέστη, αγαπητέ. Και του χρόνου με υγεία.

  14. Anonymous 3:06 said:
    "when someone disagrees and states his/her opinion publicly, he/she immediately will be characterized as agent of dark antihellenic forces."

    I reverse the statement, or don't I have the right to do so?

    "When someone disagrees and states his/her opinion publicly, he/she immediately will be characterized as agent of dark antisemitic forces."

  15. Γιατί δεν κοιτάτε και το παλιότερο blog του Hellenic reporer;
    O κύριος είναι γνωστός.
    Δικαίωμα του αναφαίρετο να υποστηρίζει τα δίκαια του λαού του.
    Μακάρι να ήμασταν και εμείς οι Ελληνες ενωμένοι όπως οι Εβραίοι.
    Αλλά εμείς οι κυριλέδες τρέμουμε μήπως μας αποκαλέσουν...ρατσιστές και αντισημίτες οι μεγαλύτεροι φονιάδες του κόσμου.
    Τα...αμερικανάκια και οι...σιωνιστές.
    Αει σιχτίρ ρε και είναι και άγιες μέρες.
    Ελπίζω να ξέρεις να μεταφράσεις σωστά το...αει σιχτίρ!!!

  16. Here's the fallacy in the above argument, Ms. Seferou: When you and others express your views on Jews and how they are involved in some sort of plot against Greece, I find them quite disagreeable and offensive but I attribute such views to either being misinformed, or being racist or having some psychological problem and since I don't know you or the Anonymous respondents I can't tell which for sure. But I do not draw the conclusion that you must be in the employ of some shadowy Nazi organization or getting paid by, say, Iran or Saudi Arabia or Osama Bin Laddin to publish such views. However, you and the others who hold views similar to yours immediately resort to accusations (see above) that because I do not happen to agree with you and I have taken upon myself to expose what I consider vile antisemitism, I must be getting paid by Mossad or conspiring against Greece. As you yourself wrote, in Alkimos, referring to me: "Είναι ηλίου φαεινότερο ότι ο "Έλληνας" αυτός είναι σε διατεταγμένη υπηρεσία φακελώματος".

  17. Let me add that I have received a number of responses from a bunch of "Anonymous" and a couple of people who gave their names, one Jimmy and the other Manos (names posted so you know I have read your comments), all of which contain particularly foul language, most against me but, interestingly, one against one of the other responders whom this person claims to know personally. As you can see, I will not hesitate to post negative comments, even those which are rather nasty, since I am happy to give as well as I take. But I will not post anything with particularly foul language, especially if such posts only contain insults and make no points relevant to the particular topic of discussion.

  18. Και γιατι απαντας στα Αγγλικα φιλτατε " Hellenic Reporter;"
    Ποιοι αλλοι θελεις να σε διαβαζουν και γιατι; Αφου απευθυνεσαι σε Ελληνες, ή κανω λαθος;

  19. Ωχ! πάει... δε θα με ξαναχρηματοδοτήσουν Εβραίοι :(

  20. Mr or Mrs. Hellenic Reporter,

    First of all, with this comment, I am not only referring to you, but also to all the people who think that writing in a blog is stigmatizing, insulting, spreading rumors or categorizing other people. Let me make clear to you that I am not judging your point of view and how could I, considering the fact that my best friend is a Jew and I know well what you are talking about. Moreover I do not only recognize your right to express your opinion but I will also stand up for your right to do so.
    Nevertheless, there is a great difference in generally stating one's point of view from pointing out peoples names and/or their personal work as of this or the other "category".
    You see, in my point of view, doing so means that you are nothing but a common sycophant - gossiper, worse than the people you accuse of antisemitism (it REALLY doesn't matter if you are wrong or right). Needless to say that baring the word reporter in your nickname as well as characterizing the greek "blogsphere" as antisimitsh because of 5, 10, 100 blogs in a total of 50,000 is at least hillarious. I can understand that you may be a little confused because nowadays, most "reporters" do so, but you seem to forget that this is only applicable if you deliver a monologue (press, TV). Let me remind you that blogs doesn't work so, and by doing so, you and your alike, can only turn a wonderful instrument that can be used for bringing people together into another -of the already too many- seperation and hate "generators". With your sympathy you regenerate hate, spread also rumors and more importantly DO NOT contribute to the blog community...
    Please do consider carefully my harsh words because as I have let you (hopefully) see, except the people you are deliberatly try to insult, you are also insulting an "institution". If we like to call our species rational we must accept also the responsibility of how we use our gift of speech and our technology...

  21. Mr. Hellenic reporter

    "Έλληνα δημοσιογράφε".

    Γιατί δεν μας τα ...ρίχνεις λίγο Ελληνικά, για να τα καταλάβουμε κι' εμείς οι άσχετοι?

  22. Ο λόγος που άρχισα να γράφω στ΄Αγγλικά είναι επειδή τα πρώτα μπλογκς στα οποία αναφερόμουνα ήταν γραμμένα στα Αγγλικά. Έκτοτε επεκτάθηκα και σε άλλα γραμμένα κυρίως στα Ελληνικά, συνεχίζοντας το σχόλια μου στα Αγγλικά. Αν μου δοθεί η ευκαιρία θα κάνω τη μετάφραση.

  23. Στον Anonymous που νομίζει ότι είμαι ο Αbravanel:

    Κάνεις λάθος, ούτε είμαι ούτε γνωρίζω τον Αbravanel. Το μπλογκ του Αbravanel το είδα πρόσφατα και απ' ότι φαίνεται το έχει εγκαταλείψει. Όσο γιά τη προτροπή σου, φιλάς τη μάνα σου με τέτοιο στόμα;

  24. @MAD
    Ελπίζω να μη τη χάσεις την χρηματοδότηση, συνάδελφε. Εμένα οι πάντες μου έχουν κόψει τα κονδύλια, οικονομίας ένεκεν ;)

  25. @Iptamenos Ollandos:
    First off, it is, indeed, Mr., or Dr. if you prefer, although I have also been called worse, especially during the past few days. But, as the saying goes, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me".
    I should point out that my assertion that many Greeks are antisemites is based on my growing up and having lived in Greece, reading the Greek press, watching Greek TV and listening to Greek radio and having many discussions with relatives and friends and not simply on reading blogs. But I am not about to expose publicly my neighbors and relatives for two reasons: First and foremost because when they expressed their views in private and I respect their right to privacy. Second because the impact of their words is quite minimal. However, you seem not to have grasped the point of publishing one's thoughts, opinions and musings on the Internet. Once you put all that out there for everyone to see then it is public information, open to applause or criticism. After all, why would one publish on the Internet in an open blog unless one stands behind what he/she publishes. It's all out and it's fair game to everyone. If people cannot take the criticism then they should keep their blogs restricted to their friends. There is a difference between keeping a private diary and writing a newspaper column. As for my use of the term "reporter", the dictionary definition is "a person who reports"; the newspaper connection came later. And this is what I am doing, reporting on things I read and which I find disagreeable. I used to have another blog in which I reported on food and wine, things that I find agreeable. The "Hellenic" part is also clear, I was born and raised in Greece, I served in the Army (Air Force, actually) and I am a Greek citizen with a valid Hellenic Republic passport. Besides, since we are quibbling about names, does your "handle" really mean that you are Dutch and that you are flying (all the time, occasionally, now)?
    Finally, your "harsh words", as you call them, were civil and reasoned, unlike three quarters of the responses I get, which are crude, rude, juvenile and plain stupid. We may not see eye-to-eye on this but, at least, we are not calling each other names. In my book this is progress.

  26. Τελικά δεν κατάλαβα, προς τι οι διαμαρτυρίες. Ή ο οικοδεσπότης του παρόντος ιστολογίου κακώς χαρακτηρίζει ως αντισημιτικά τα διάφορα ιστολόγια που αναφέρει, ή σωστά τα λέει έτσι αλλά οι διάφοροι ιδιοκτήτες και φίλοι τους δεν θεωρούν τον τίτλο αυτό υποτιμητικό ή συκοφαντικό. Όσον αφορά την πρώτη περίπτωση, διάβασα από περιέργεια μερικά από το ιστολόγια αυτά και σε ένα-δύο βρήκα αμέσως αναφορές σε ανθελληνικές σιωνιστικές συνομωσίες, τόσο χονδροειδείς όμως ώστε αν είχα ροπή προς τα συνομωσιολογικά θα χαρακτήριζα εκείνα τα ιστολόγια και όχι το παρόν ως πράκτορες. Σε άλλα δεν διάβασα τίποτα μεμπτό (σύμφωνα με τη γνώμη μου, βέβαια), αλλά και δεν είχα τη διάθεση να διαβάσω όλα τα κείμενα σεντόνια. Και γιά τη δεύτερη κατηγορία, πιστεύω ότι για τους περισσότερους πέρα βρέχει.

  27. Χριστός Ανέστη! Μια που μας τίμησε, ως «Αντιφωνητή», ο καταγραφέας των «αντισημιτικών» ιστοσελίδων, δηλώνουμε ότι εμάς δεν μας πολυενοχλεί, μας είναι γνωστό το παιχνίδι. Άλλωστε «ξερά σκατά στον τοίχο δεν κολλάνε». Αξίζει όμως να σημειωθεί ότι το φακέλωμα γίνεται πια ανοικτά και στον ελληνικό χώρο και κάποιος πρέπει να το επισημάνει. Αν μη τι άλλο για να ξέρουμε από πού κινδυνεύουν οι ελευθερίες μας...

  28. @κκ
    Αρκετά γραφική η μεταφορά που χρησιμοποιείς. Γενικά διασκεδάζω διαβάζοντας όλες τις κατηγορίες περί μυστικών υπηρεσιών, λες και οι μυστικές υπηρεσίες ανακοινώνουν δημόσια οποιεσδήποτε έρευνες κάνουν. Επί της ουσίας, δεν νομίζεις ότι αν όντως γίνονταν "φακέλωμα", όπως ισχυρίζεσαι, αυτό μάλλον θα κρατιόταν μυστικό; Απ΄ ότι θυμάμαι επί χούντας και λίγο μετά, ο κίνδυνος φακελλώματος υπήρχε γιά κείνους που γενικά δεν είχαν εκδηλωθεί κατά αλλά που σε κάποια στιγμή, μετά από κάμποσες μπύρες, φερ΄ ειπείν, τους ξέφευγε κάποιο αντιπολιτευόμενο σχόλια παρουσία κάποιου ατόμου που δεν χαρακτηριζόταν ως έμπιστο. Αλλά εσύ και οι λοιποί διαμαρτυρόμενοι, από τη μιά γράφετε δημόσια σε μέσο που έχει δυνατό αναγνωστικό κοινό εκατομμυρίων και από την άλλη διαρυγνύετε τα ιμάτια σας ότι δήθεν φακελλώνεστε. Όσο γιά τον "κινδυνο" στις ελευθερίες σου, δεν νομίζω ότι έχεις πάρει τόσες απειλές σε λίγα εικοσιτετράωρα όσες εγώ από άτομα με παρόμοιες απόψεις με τις δικές σου. Πάλι καλά που γενικά οι απειλούντες εκ του ασφαλούς είναι οι πιό πολλοί θρασύδειλοι, όλο καπνός και καθόλου φωτιά.


    Εχω απορρίψει ακόμα κάμποσα "σχόλια" με τις συνήθεις ύβρεις, παιδαριώδεις κατηγορίες και γενικά ανοησίες ανάλογες με το διανητικό επίπεδο των σχολιαστών. Όπως έγραψα και νωρίτερα, θα δημοσιεύω σχόλια άσχετα με το περιεχόμενο αρκεί η γλώσσα τους να είναι σχετικά κόσμια.

  29. Κε H.R.,
    θα γράψω στα ελληνικά αυτή την φορά αφού βλέπω ότι κάποιοι από τους αναγνώστες σου το ζητάνε, αλλά και γιατί είναι απείρως πιο εύκολο για εμένα!

    Θα σταθώ σε κάποια σημεία της απάντησης σου:
    "I should point out that my assertion that many Greeks are antisemites is based on my growing up and having lived in Greece, reading the Greek press, watching Greek TV and listening to Greek radio and having many discussions with relatives and friends and not simply on reading blogs."
    Ακριβώς αυτό εννοώ όταν λέω να γράψεις αόριστα τις απόψεις σου. Αυτό διαφέρει όμως από το να γράφεις ονόματα αυτών που στιγματίζεις και κατηγοριοποιείς. Εξάλλου γράφεις παρακάτω:
    "But I am not about to expose publicly my neighbors and relatives for two reasons: First and foremost because when they expressed their views in private and I respect their right to privacy."
    Δεν κάνεις όμως το ίδιο για τους αγνώστους που κατηγορείς, και γιαυτό σε "κατηγόρησα" (και τους ομοίους σου) σαν συκοφάντες. Επιπλέον δεν σου ζήτησα να κάνεις κάτι τέτοιο με τους γνωστούς σου, μάλλον θα με μπέρδεψες με κάποιον άλλο σχολιαστή.

    Παρακάτω γράφεις:
    "However, you seem not to have grasped the point of publishing one's thoughts, opinions and musings on the Internet. Once you put all that out there for everyone to see then it is public information, open to applause or criticism. After all, why would one publish on the Internet in an open blog unless one stands behind what he/she publishes. It's all out and it's fair game to everyone. If people cannot take the criticism then they should keep their blogs restricted to their friends. There is a difference between keeping a private diary and writing a newspaper column."
    Μόνος σου υποστηρίζεις αυτό που εννοώ όταν σου γράφω ότι το ιστολόγιο δεν είναι εφημερίδα. Αν ο καθένας αρχίσει να κατηγορεί τον άλλο με ονόματα και διευθύνσεις τότε μετρατέπουμε το ιστολόγιο σε χώρο αντιπαράθεσης, στην χειρότερη μορφή κίτρινου τύπου, προωθούμε την βία και δεν συνεισφέρουμε για μια υγιή κοινότητα στην μπλογκόσφαιρα...

    Όσο για το όνομα reporter σου έγραψα ότι είσαι δικαιολογημένος να το συγχέεις με αυτό του συκοφάντη μια που εκεί έχει ξεπέσει. Όμως άποψη μου είναι ότι μπορείς να λες ότι θέλεις, χωρίς να αναφέρεις ονόματα. Αφού έζησες στην ελλάδα θα γνωρίζεις τον ρόλο του Αρτέμη Μάτσα ο οποίος στις ελληνικές ταινίες συχνά είχε το ρόλο του κουκουλοφόρου που έδειχνε με το δάκτυλο του τους αντιστασιακούς στους Γερμανούς Σκέψου για πόσους έκρινε σωστά και για πόσους όχι, οδηγούμενος ίσως από προσωπικό συμφέρον.

    Όσο για το δικό μου όνομα, η επιλογή έχει να κάνει με την ομότιτλη όπερα που φέρει ομοιότητες με την προσωπική μου ζωή. Επιπλέον ζω πλέον στην Ολλανδία και η σκέψη μου αρέσει να είναι ελεύθερη και να πετάει...

    Τέλος είναι κρίμα για ένα άρθρο που θέλεις να είναι τόσο εμπεριστατωμένο ώστε να "καρφώνεις" ομοεθνείς σου να μην καρφώνεις την ελληνική δικαιοσύνη για τα εγκλήματα που διέπραξε πρόσφατα σε δίκη μέλους κόμματος της βουλής για το θέμα που αναλύεις. Κάτι που παρεπιπτόντως έκανε μεγάλη μερίδα της μπλογκόσφαιρας που κατηγορείς σαν αντισημιτική...

    Τέλος σ'ευχαριστώ που με "άκουσες" και μπήκες και στον κόπο να απαντήσεις. Δείχνει άνθρωπο που τουλάχιστον δέχεται το διάλογο. Κάτι για το οποίο εξάλλου κατά την δική μου άποψη, είναι φτιαγμένα τα ιστολόγια.

  30. מאי ישוע להשכיב את רחמים עלייך

  31. @Iptamenos Ollandos
    Να αρχίσω από το τέλος: Γιά το θέμα της Ελληνικής δικαιοσύνης (υποθέτω ότι αναφέρεσαι την υπόθεση Πλεύρη) δεν είναι το αντικείμενο που έχω επιλέξει, πολύ περισσότερο ότι ούτε έχω παρακολουθήσει την υπόθεση αυτή εξ αρχής γιά να ξέρω όλες τις λεπτομέρειες, ούτε νομικός είμαι γιά να γνωρίζω καλά το νομικό της πλαίσιο. Πάντως καθημερινά συμβαίνουν πλήθος ατοπήματα και αδικίες σε βάρος πολλών ατόμων και κανείς έχει περιωρισμένο χρόνο και χώρο γιά να σχολιάζει όλα τα κακώς κείμενα. Έτσι πρέπει "να διαλέγεις τις μάχες σου", όπως λένε οι Άγγλοι.

    Για τα υπόλοιπα που φαίνεται ότι θα συνεχίσουμε να συμφωνούμε ότι θα διαφωνούμε. Συγκεκριμένα, όπως απάντησα και σε έναν άλλο σχολιαστή, "κάρφωμα" πάει να πει ότι δείχνεις κάποιον που έχει κάνει κάτι άτοπο ή ίσως και παράνομο και επιχειρεί να το κρατήσει κρυφό. Τα παραδείγματα που έδωσα ήταν να καταγγείλεις ανώνυμα στις αρχές τον γείτονα που χτίζει χωρίς άδεια ή να αφήσεις ανώνυμο σημείωμα στον διευθυντή του γραφείου γιά το συνάδελφο που δεν ήρθε στη δουλειά ισχυριζόμενος αδιαθεσία ενώ είχε πάει στη θάλασσα. Αλλά οι διάφοροι στους οποίους αναφέρομαι δεν επιχειρούν να κρατήσουν τίποτα κρυφό, αντίθετα θέλουν όσο πιό πολλούς αναγνώστες γίνεται. Και όπως υπάρχουν ιστολόγια τα οποία αναφέρονται στους επίμαχους χώρους με κολακευτικά σχόλια, έτσι υπάρχουν και άλλα όπως το δικό μου που αναφέρονται κριτικά στους ίδιους διαδικτυακούς χώρους. Αλλά δεν άκουσα κανέναν να διαμαρτύρεται για ευμενή διαφήμηση...

  32. @iReport
    I do not read Hebrew so I had to use Google Translator (Yahoo! Babel Fish doesn't do Hebrew):
    Hebrew: מאי ישוע להשכיב את רחמים עלייך
    English: May Jesus lay the pity on you
    Greek: Μάιος Ιησού να το κρίμα για σας

    The English translation, although not perfect is, obviously, the closest to the prayer "May God have pity on (us, him, his soul)". The Greek translation, however, is rather bizarre.

    Out of curiosity I took the English phrase "May God have pity on you" and used Google Translator and Yahoo! Babel Fish to translate it into Greek.
    English: May God have pity on you
    Greek (Google): Ο Θεός έχει κρίμα για σας
    Greek (Yahoo!): Ο Θεός Μαΐου έχει τον οίκτο σε σας

    It is clear that machine translation still has a long way to go.

  33. You don' t have to make any comment about www.bulgarmak.org??????????????

  34. No, I don't have any comments to make on www.bulgarmark.org. I only comment on Greek blogs and I do not consider the aforementioned site Greek, even if it does have some text in the Greek language. If I took it upon myself to comment an every delusional, paranoid, unbalanced or plain stupid blog out there, then I'd have to quit my job and do this full time.

  35. As any publicity is good publicity,any incoming link is a welcome link too.
    However, I have to accuse that I have a second anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish blog.
    It's the http://4misirlou.blogspot.com
    I hope you report my 2nd blog too.
    Keep reporting

  36. Your "blog" is soooo biased!

  37. @Anonymous
    I disagree, my blog is soooo objective!

  38. Και πού 'σαι νούμερο;
    Πέρνα μια βόλτα από το KOMMATOSKYLO έχει και εκεί αναρτησούλες που σε ενδιαφέρουν.
    Τράβα ρε χαμένο κορμί χώσου σε κανά λαγούμι σαν τα ποντίκια όπως κάνουνε οι πρόγονοί σου αιώνες τώρα. Οι Έλληνες μια ζωή πολεμάνε στο φως.

  39. "...χώσου σε κανά λαγούμι σαν τα ποντίκια όπως κάνουνε οι πρόγονοί σου"

    Κατ΄αρχήν δείχνεις, όπως και άλλοι Ελληναράδες σχολιαστές, ποσο λίγο κατέχεις την Ελληνική γλώσσα: οι πρόγονοι έζησαν στο παρελθόν και έτσι δεν "κάνουνε"(;) τίποτα στο παρόν. Πάντως η όλη εικόνα μου θυμίζει το τραγούδι του Σαββόπουλου με το στίχο "...ο πατέρας μου ο Μπάτης ήρθε απ΄τη Σμύρνη το ΄22 κ' έζησε πενήντα χρόνια σ΄ένα κατώι μυστικό" (κατώι, βέβαια, είναι το ημιυπόγειο), καθ΄ ότι η γιαγιά μου ήρθε το 1922 διαφεύγοντας τον συνωστισμό στο λιμάνι της Σμύρνης. Και όντως γιά ένα διάστημα έζησαν πολύ φτωχικά, σε "λαγούμια" και σε αχυρώνες. Τώρα αν ζούσανε σε λαγούμια αιώνες πριν το αμφιβάλλω, αν και εσύ πρέπει να ξέρεις αφού, διανοητικά τουλάχιστον, όντως κινείσαι υπογείως.

  40. Η σφαγη εγινε συνωστισμος,κυρια Ρεπουση;

  41. @dim79
    Γιά να καταλάβεις ειρωνία πρέπει να έχεις και κάποια αίσθηση χιούμορ, που συνήθως λείπει όχι από τους σοβαρούς αλλά απο τους σοβαροφανείς.

  42. Sir,

    If you don't qualify what you write as applying to *some* Greeks then you are implying that most Greeks are racists.This then makes you a racist .

    There are Jews that dislike Greeks too e.g.

    Orthodox Jews who dislike Greeks for what Seleucus did to them on which they celebrate Hannukha .Also, these types despise Hellenism and it's impact on traditional Judaism after Alexander's invasions.

    Secondly , there is a significant portion of Sephardim Jews that are openly anti-Greek as a sign of gratitude to the Sultan for having "saved" them from those awful Christians in Spain.

    Now,as you know trade between the United States and Greece and between Britain and Greece is trivial these days.

    Ask Mr Abraham Foxman why his many threats have turned out to be empty?

    Answer : You are irrelevant in Greece and Europe .

    Also, identify your religious/cultural background so objective people can decide if you are motivated by hate/propaganda or are neutral.

    But I will bet my house that you are a hateful Sephardim.

    So go ahead and blow your trumpet , Greece couldn't care less.

    Stay away from Greece , you hear ?

    End of story.


  43. @Anonymous
    Let's dissect your response point by point:

    "If you don't qualify what you write as applying to *some* Greeks then you are implying that most Greeks are racists.This then makes you a racist."

    But I do qualify, you just refuse to acknowledge it because then you would not be able to argue your point. I write, in the post to which you responded, "Shedding light into these dark recesses of the minds and souls of some modern Greeks..." and in my "About me" piece I state that I "...have come to realize (and be bothered by this - a lot) that a great many Greeks harbor sentiments of blatant and vocal Antisemitism...". So clearly nowhere do I claim that all Greeks or even the majority of Greeks are antisemites. By the way, and polls taken with regard to atisemitic attitudes in Greece bear me out on this.

    "There are Jews that dislike Greeks too..."

    Absolutely! And there are Italians, French, Swedes and possibly even Fijians who dislike Greeks. But a) I only write about Greeks, since I have neither great interest in nor any great knowledge of other countries and b) there is a difference between disliking nationals of a particular country and holding them responsible for dark conspiracies that threaten Greece and the world!

    "Orthodox Jews who dislike Greeks for what Seleucus did to them [...] Sephardim Jews that are openly anti-Greek as a sign of gratitude to the Sultan [...] awful Christians in Spain."

    History is interesting but I am talking about the present. As for Sephardim Jews being grateful towards the Sultan, the only Sultan I know of these days is the Sultan of Brunei and I very much doubt he and Sephardim Jews have much in common.

    "Now,as you know trade between the United States and Greece and between Britain and Greece is trivial these days."

    ??? I have no idea if this is true and even if it is it is completely irrelevant to this discussion.

    "Ask Mr Abraham Foxman why his many threats have turned out to be empty?"

    I do not know Mr. Foxman but if I run onto him at some party (which is as likely as running onto, say, the Queen of England) I will definitely ask.

    "But I will bet my house that you are a hateful Sephardim."

    So when do I get the keys to your house then? What I find remarkable is the incredible level of arrogance exhibited by people with your views who can not imagine why anyone who is Greek would not share their views and attitudes. All I can say is that you should get out more...

    "Stay away from Greece , you hear ?"
    Too late for that, I'm already in.

    "End of story."
    I hope so.

    Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

  44. The following was received by "Anonymous" and is posted verbatim except for reference to the specific individual mentioned whose name has been removed.
    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Antisemitism in Greek blogs":

    [Name removed]: a poor [gender-specific word removed] with severe mental illness whose relatives won't institutionalize because of the unfortunate stigma that institutionalization for mental illness brings upon a person in this nationalistic, fundamentalist hell that Greece is. As it is now, [pronoun removed] completely ridicules [gender-specific pronoun removed] spewing insanity through sockpuppets.
    An example of the poor [gender-specific word removed] insanity can be found in the comments of this post:

    (uses sockpuppets to attack greek rationalists)

  45. Now... this is all very interesting. I have no idea who you are nor does it matter. Your "profile" resembles mine, I noticed your "warm reception" and came by to say my piece.

    I came back to the old country as a naturalized citizen. Family reasons. I consider my self as American as hmm... New England maple syrup, but I am also Greek, and living here I have to observe the following:

    One way to make yourself unpopular is to state your American, pro American or free market point of view. Mine is also a republican free market point of view. You are probably a bleeding heart by comparison (ha ha)

    There is tremendous and virulent anti american feelings in this country. Irrational, I would say. Never mind the bias about Jews. The latter is a Greek Orthodox affair, as far as I am concerned, all of Europe is on the bigotted side, Greece is no exception.

    The anti american feelings are a puzzle. So many Greeks have been educated there. So many cars carry US college stickers. So what is it? Is it the US involvment in Cyprus? or the US involvment in the 4/21 affair? Could be... But are memories cannot be that strong. Something else is at play.

    I used to think that the anti american sentiments are the result of soviet covert and less than covert propaganda. I have a new theory now. It is the Germans. They have bought, typical European back door way, into every business worth having. They clearly control the handouts on the basis of which we justify our existense. Why they may even be laundering their grey stuff through here.

    So, friend, I do not know what the story is with you, couldn't care less if you are a πράκτορας, εβραίος, γερμανός, αμερικάνος, ή τουρκαλβανός, or just amusing yourself, whatever you are, there are some of us who are getting sick of the local corruption.

    Events of 1500 BC or BCE or whatever turns you on, are irrelevant.

    best regards

  46. @Anoynymous
    This is uncanny! I am also a naturalized U.S. citizen and I was educated and lived in New England which, from the maple syrup reference, I assume you were also. Perhaps a little more liberal than you, though hardly a "bleeding heart" (and no great Obama fan either, but not because of his wished-for reduced support for Israel - remember the Avriani headline?). So we seem to have much in common.

    I won't disagree with you regarding the virulent anti-Americanism of Greeks. And, Iin addition to what you mention, until the 1980s I am sure that one out of two Greek families had some relative (brother, uncle, cousin) living in the States. The reasons are probably those you mention and then some. The Greek left never forgave the Americans for helping the right win the Civil War and, eventually, causing the collapse of communism. The right never much liked Americans who were always too informal, too straight talking and, perhaps, too vulgar, after Greeks of our parents' generation and older were always had to appear "proper" (καθώς πρέπει). Yet conservatives needed the Americans while the USSR was still around. And of course the colonels' dictatorship and Cyprus didn't help either, But what I find remarkable is that Greeks expect Americans to support them not because Greece has something to offer in return but because Greece is "right" and its adversaries (or the Americans themselves) "wrong". I am not saying that Greece isn't (mostly) right (e.g. viz-a-viz FYROM or Turkey) but politics, international politic especially, is a quid pro quo game. Suppose, for instance (and I am not suggesting that this is necessarily the right thing to do, I am just making the argument) that the Cypriot government offers the United States airbases on the island with a 99 year lease. Does anyone doubt for a minute that the U.S. policy on Cyprus would then take a very sharp 90-to-180 degree turn?

    But all this, however interesting, is beyond my narrow focus, which is the public manifestations of virulent antisemitism in Greece (although, so far, only verbal with no violence, thankfully). I do not think that this is strictly a Greek Orthodox affair. Too much of the conspiratorial musing in the various blogs but also in mainstream meadia and in people's private discussions goes well beyond that. It is also curious that the ostensibly Greek Orthodox Greeks embrace fundamentalist Muslim Arabs because the latter are Israel's enemies. After all it was the Arab (Egyptian) armies of Muhammad Ali under Ibrahim Pasha (who was born of Greek parents) that almost cost Greece it independence in 1825-1827, yet I have read that the Jews were responsible for that as well.

    Thanks for writing.

  47. Here is another justification for the pro Arab stance you see in Greece: Oil and media. Most oil transporters are also in media. Ελευθεροτυπία, Καθημερινή (and some TV) are owned by oil transporters. Now I suspect that that may have an arrangement to support "our friends the Arabs". The concept of "our friends the Arabs" is preposterous, with the possible exception that in WW1, the Arabs rose against the Turks at around the same time we were expanding our lands. Aside for that I consider our pro Arab stance carefully cultivated. I have nothing against them, but I cannot claim that some of my best friends are Arab.

    New England you said? Here is a code word: Granite.

  48. Hadn't thought of the oil transporters, which sounds quite plausible. However, my sense is that this predates recent memory. After all, the Egyptian embassy in Athens occupies a prime piece of real estate. I don't know its history, but anyone looking at its location would assume that this was one of Greece's most intimate friends. Also, back during the 1967-1974 dictatorship, when Western democracies downgraded their relations with the junta, the colonels found willing "friends" among Eastern block countries and Arab countries. The former were more-or-less taboo so that left the latter.


  49. Also construction (big in the times you mentioned, especially in Saudi)

    Further north; Wah hoo wah

  50. Yes, construction was indeed, big. I had an older cousin (he died a few years ago) who was a U.S.-educated civil engineer and who spent a lot of time in Saudi Arabia. Many of his cosntruction crew were also Greek who would put up with the inconvenience of living in Saudi Arabia for 6 months for a lot of money. I remember my parents who were old school speaking disapprovingly of how much time he was away from his family. I was too young to care much about all this but I think around my mother's apartment there's still souvenirs he brought back. I also remember of Saudi royalty staying at resort hotels in Greece. I really hadn't thought much of all this, but this may explain the pro-Arab sentiments of the Greek elite, since one doesn't bite the hand that feeds (the exception being the U.S. hand).

    Further north is Quebec and Canada doesn't count...

  51. Green? (ah you must be young, you know nothing about "wah hoo wah", it is not politically correct these days)

    NW of Durhmam on the CT river, 2 - 2.5 hrhs from Boston, 1.5 - 2hrs from Canada. Turns red around October 10... You have me travelling across to Vermont and rolling hills.

  52. Ah, a Dartmouth alumnus! 'Fraid I had to Google "wah hoo wah" to figure this out, though. I actually know that area reasonably well, as the family of my wife (who is not Greek) own property right over the border in Vermont. We visit there whenever we return to the States.

  53. Ειμαι βαθια συγκινημενος,μιας κι επιτελους το μπλογκ μου μπηκε στη λιστα του χαφιε απο το Staten Island της Νεας Υορκης.

  54. Δεν κατάλαβα, είσαι εσύ ο χαφιές απο το Staten Island της Νεας Υορκης; Είναι σχεδόν δεκαετία που πήγα για τελευταία φορά στη Νές Υόρκη και έτσι δεν γνωρίζω πρόσωπα και πράγματα. Όσο γιά τη συγκίνηση, είναι φυσιολογική εφ΄όσον σου λείπει παντελώς η ντροπή.

  55. Μπα,δεν ειμαι κατοικος Νεας Υορκης.Απλα τελευταια ερχονται πολλες "επισκεψεις" στο δικο μου "αντισημιτικο" ιστολογιο απο αυτη την πολη,με ορμητηριο το δικο σου!

    Θα μου πεις πού τα ξερω ολα αυτα...ε δεν εισαι μονο εσυ κατασκοπος!

    Υ.Γ.Να μιλαει για ντροπη καποιος που κανονικα θα κρεμαγαν ως προδοτη ακομα και οι Εβραιοι μιας αλλης εποχης,παει πολυ...

  56. Δεν έχεις ακούσει, φαίνεται, για Proxy Servers. Αμ΄ πως, νόμιζες ότι θα άφηνα τα στοιχεία μου να παρουσιάζονται ελεύθερα γιά τα μάτια του καθενός κακόπιστου απατεώνα; Πάντως αν η (κρυπτο και όχι μόνο)φασιστική "Διεθνής" έχει τέτοιους κατασκόπους σαν την αφεντιά σου, τότε κοιμάμαι πιό ήσυχος.

    Άντε τώρα, πάρε το φίλο σου μητροπολίτη Πειραιώς και τραβάτε να κάνετε το συλλαλητήριό σας (με τους λοιπούς αλητήριους) εναντίον της "Σιωνιστικής" (όπως γράφεις) Λεσχης Μπίλνερμπεργκ. Και που 'σαι, μην ξεχάσεις να πάρεις μαζί σου και τα Πρωτόκολα των Σοφών της Σιών. Δυστυχώς άτομα στα οποία χρήζει η ντροπή είναι τα τελευταία που το συνειδητοποιούν και τότε είναι συνήθως πολύ αργά. Αιδώς Αργείοι· νυν άρκιον ή απολέσθαι ή σωθήναι.

  57. ΚΑΙ ΡΟΥΦΙΑΝΟΣ... ΚΑΙ ΓΕΛΟΙΟΣ.... Στο τέλος όμως θα εισπράξεις από τα αφεντικά σου, ένα ακριβές αντίγραφο του εσωτερικού τους κόσμου... Κόπρανα δηλαδή!!!!! Ρουφιάνε μου την πάτησες... Διακατέχεσαι από το σύνδρομο της μυίγας.... Και χαβιάρι να βάλουν μπροστά σου ... εσύ θα πάς στο πιάτο με τα σκατά....
    Και επειδή σε .... φοβάμαι, σου γνωστοποιώ ότι ανά πάσαν στιγμήν δύνασαι να αφήσεις τα εκ του πρωκτού σου δύσοσμα αέρια, να επιπέσουν επί των στιβαρών μου γεννητικών οργάνων!!!! Κοινώς κλ.. μου τ' αρ....α !!!!!

    Τι να πει κανείς, είσαι όντως λυπηρή περίπτωση και σίγουρα χρειάζεσαι ψυχιατρική θεραπεία. Συνιστώ το Δρομοκαΐτειο, μιά και τούτη η ιστοσελίδα δυστυχώς δεν μπορεί να σου προσφέρει τη βοήθεια που προφανώς έχεις άμεση ανάγκη.

  59. AnonymousMay 08, 2009

    Τι κάθεσαι και ασχολείσαι τώρα με τον Κωστή. Αν τον γνώριζες θάξερες ότι του λείπουν πολλά δράμια απ΄την οκά.

  60. Εβραιο-ρεπορτερ,δεν σε προστατευει κανεις proxy server.Τα στοιχεια σου ειναι γνωστα και διαθεσιμα στον καθε ενδιαφερομενο.Ενα μονο σου λεω:προσεχε,γιατι ουκ ολιγες φορες στο παρελθον καποιοι που προσπαθησαν να ρουφιανεψουν τους αλλους,στο τελος βρεθηκαν αυτοι...ρουφιανεμενοι!Δεν ειμαι ρουφιανος,ομως με ατομα σα του λογου σου γινομαι ευχαριστως.

    Καλη συνεχεια και καλα μυαλα!

    Υ.Γ.Εσυ ο ιδιος ξερεις πολυ καλα ποιοι ειναι οι Σιωνιστες:παντως οχι ο απλος εβραικος λαος,που εμενα προσωπικα μου ειναι αρκετα συμπαθης.

  61. @dim79
    Αυτή η εμμονή εσένα όπως και άλλων ομοϊδεατών σου με "ρουφιάνους" δείχνει, αν μη τί άλλο, τον τρόπο που εσείς ενεργείτε και συμπεριφέρεστε. Στίς ιστοσελίδες αυτού εδώ του blog, όπως έχω γράψει κατ' επανάληψη, δεν αναφέρομαι σε τίποτα το οποίο δεν έχει δημοσιευθεί από τά ίδια τα άτομα που διαρρηγνύουν τα ιμάτιά τους διαμαρτυρόμενοι δήθεν γιά ρουφιάνους και χαφιέδες ενώ οι ίδιοι γράφουν τα ίδια και πιό πολλά στις δικές τους ιστοσελίδες. Κλασσική περίπτωση του "φωνάζει ο κλέφτης για να φοβηθεί ο νοικοκύρης!".

  62. Το να φτιαχνει καποιος ενα ιστολογιο για να υπερασπιζει τον Εβραισμο ή οτιδηποτε αλλο,ειναι κατι θεμιτο.Το να ανοιγει ομως καποιος μπλογκ για να κανει "report",δηλαδη να ρουφιανεψει,ειναι γελοιο και καταπτυστο.Κι οσον αφορα τη δικη μου ιστοσελιδα,δεν εχω ακολουθησει ποτε αυτη την τακτικη ουτε ασχολουμαι με υποκειμενα του λογου σου.Αυτα και καλη συνεχεια.

  63. @dim79
    Δύο από τα κύρια χαρακτηριστικά εσένα και των περισσοτέρων από τους ομοϊδεάτες σου, πέρα, βέβαια, από το χαμηλό I.Q., είναι η προφανής υποκρισία και η παντελής έλλειψη ντροπής. Αυτό που εσείς κάνετε συνέχεια (για παράδειγμα στο δικό σου blog: http://hellas-orthodoxy.blogspot.com/2009/05/blog-post_08.html), δηλαδή να αναφερεστε στίς ιστοσελίδες σας σε άτομα που κάνουν ή λένε πράγματα με τα οποία διαφωνείτε, άσχετα αν σ΄αυτά τα άτομα αρέσει να ασχολείστε μαζί τους, σας ενοχλεί αφάνταστα όταν κάποιος το κάνει σε σας. Είναι αυτό που έγραψα αρχικά, ότι στη συγχρονη Ελληνική κοινωνία, το να είσαι αντισημίτης όχι μόνο δεν είναι μεμπτό αλλά και θεωρείται σε πολλούς κύκλους σήμα εθνικοφροσύνης, ενώ το αντίθετο αντιμετωπίζεται με ύβρεις. Δεν μπορείς να βάλεις μέσα στο στενό σαυ το μυαλό ότι υπάρχουν και συμπολίτες σου, με παρόμοιες εθνικές, οικογενειακές και πολιτιστικές καταβολές που όμως δεν συμμερίζονται τις δικές σου ανόητες συνομωσιολογικές φαντασιώσεις.

  64. ΑΠΟΡΙΑ : Οι ρουφιάνοι σαν και σένα από που συνταξιοδοτούνται;
    Εβραιοαμερικάνε λακέ σπάω πλάκα μαζί σου... Το ονοματάκι σας παρακαλώ; Αλλά ξέχασα.... Είσαι μυστικά φανερός!!!!
    (Υ.Γ. Στο Δρομοκαϊτιο δεν με δέχονται... Στο Δαφνί επίσης δεν με δέχονται... ΕΙΜΑΙ ΒΑΡΙΑ ΠΕΡΙΠΤΩΣΗ...) ΟΣΟ ΓΙΑ ΤΑ ΔΡΑΜΙΑ ΠΟΥ ΛΕΙΠΟΥΝ ΑΠΟ ΤΗΝ ΟΚΑ ..... στην Κρήτη λέμε : Πάντα η Κρήτη διαφορά - έχει απου τσ' άλλους τόπους - για' έχει ΑΝΤΑΡΤΙΚΗ ΨΥΧΗ - και κουζουλούς ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΥΣ!!!! Και το ρεφραίν από ένα σύγχρονο άσμα : ΄..... μαζί μας ασχολείσαι - ΠΟΣΟ ΜΑΛΑΚΑΣ ΕΙΣΑΙ!!!!!

  65. Κωστή,
    Είσαι λυπηρή περίπτωση ατόμου που χρειάζεται άμεση ψυχιατρική βοήθεια από κάποιον που ειδικεύεται σε περιπτώσεις παρανοϊκής σχιζοφρενειας και συνδρόμου Asperger. Δυστυχώς αυτό είναι πολύ έξω από τις δικές μου ικανότητες και έτσι από ΄δω και εμπρός δεν θα δημοσιεύσω άλλες παρλαπίπες σου, παρ΄όλη την κατά καιρούς ψυχαγωγική τους αξία.

  66. Αγαπητέ Δρ.

    Καλό κουράγιο με την σελίδα σας. Ένα πράγμα που θα πρέπει να ξέρετε είναι ότι σε αυτή τη χώρα η διαφορετική άποψη, ειδικά σε ότι αφορά τον Εβραϊσμό, είναι καταδικαστέα.

    Δυστυχώς οι απαντήσεις που θα έχετε θα είναι από ανθρώπους με IQ σε επίπεδα ζαχάρεως (αν είστε MD καταλαβαίνετε τι εννοώ)το ζω στο πετσί μου καθημερινά είτε στη ιστοσελίδα μου είτε στις εμφανίσεις μου στην TV και το ραδιόφωνο.

    Καλή δύναμη.

    Και πάλι καλό κουράγιο.

  67. Αγαπητέ κ. Κοέν,
    Ευχαριστώ πολύ για τα ενθαρρυντικά σας λόγια. Τελικά τα άτομα με εμφανή ψυχολογικά προβλήματα δεν είναι, νομίζω, εκείνοι που πρέπει να φοβόμαστε καθότι θα βρίσκονται πάντα πίσω, ακόλουθοι και ποτέ ηγούμενοι. Αλλά δυστυχώς ανάμεσα στους αντισημίτες με περιωρισμένες ή διαταραγμένες πνευματικές δυνατότητες βρίσκονται και ορισμένοι (και ορισμένες) με μόρφωση και με φυσιολογικό IQ και από εκεί πάντα θα έρχεται ο κίνδυνος. Και πάλι ευχαριστώ.

  68. Να είμαι ειλικρινής και εγώ τώρα σας ανακάλυψα - θα διαφωνήσω με τον κ.Κοέν, το πρόβλημα δεν είναι οι διάφοροι συνωμοσιολάγνοι ανισόρροποι αλλά η μαζική πλειοψηφία των συμπολιτών μου που μπορεί να γελά με τον Λιακόπουλο αλλά κουνά με κατανόηση το κεφάλι όταν παρόμοια λέει ο Λ.Λαζόπουλος.

    Χαιρετισμούς και καλό κουράγιο.

  69. AnonymousJuly 16, 2009

    You'll suffer Hellenic Reporter. We know where you live!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm joking; I love this blog. But mostly I love the things you're accused of:

    1. A Spy or an agent: I'd give my right arm to be one of those blokes for a day. I 'm thinking James Bond, pretty girls, fast life and cars. Wouldn't that be something? I'd be flattered if I were you.

    2. On the payroll: Yeah that's how this works. you maintain an internet blog and people pay you for that. Or since you 're a spy you probably pick the money up at regular intervals from a predetermined location. I'll say .... under a wooden bridge in a park. Wouldn't that be amazing though? No real need to work anymore; write a blog. Why didn't we think of that before.

    But most of all I like the dudesthat comment in here believing they are onto something, or they've identified something very fishy indeed; like a guy above who points out that there must be a reason you're writing this in English. What a country of natural born detectives. How surpising they've yet to arrest their domestic terrorists.

    I 'll wrap this up with a philosophical remark, quoting the eternal cleaning lady from "the meaning of life":

    "I feel that life's a game, you sometimes win or lose. And though I may be down right now, at least I don't work for Jews"

    hhahahaha g'night

  70. ou'll suffer Hellenic Reporter. We know where you live!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm joking; I love this blog. But mostly I love the things you're accused of:

    1. A Spy or an agent: I'd give my right arm to be one of those blokes for a day. I 'm thinking James Bond, pretty girls, fast life and cars. Wouldn't that be something? I'd be flattered if I were you.

    2. On the payroll: Yeah that's how this works. you maintain an internet blog and people pay you for that. Or since you 're a spy you probably pick the money up at regular intervals from a predetermined location. I'll say .... under a wooden bridge in a park. Wouldn't that be amazing though? No real need to work anymore; write a blog. Why didn't we think of that before.

    But most of all I like the dudes that comment in here believing they are onto something, or they've identified something very fishy indeed; like a guy above who points out that there must be a reason you're writing this in English. What a country of natural born detectives. How surprising they've yet to arrest their domestic terrorists.

    I 'll wrap this up with a philosophical remark, quoting the eternal cleaning lady from "the meaning of life":

    "I feel that life's a game, you sometimes win or lose. And though I may be down right now, at least I don't work for Jews"

    hhahahaha g'night

  71. "You'll suffer Hellenic Reporter. We know where you live!!!!!!!!!!"
    On Earth! Unlike some of the people writing, I might add.

    As for James Bond, in addition to the fast cars and the pretty girls, there are also those who are trying to have him crushed, poisoned, shot, stabbed, decapitated, bitten by poisonous snames, bisected with a high-powered laser, strangled, have eaten by sharks, thrown out from an airplane, pushed out of an upper floor window, blown up, drowned, etc. and my nerves couldn't take all this. So I prefer not to be a spy, thank you very much.

    Thanks for the comment!

  72. Μήπως όποιος θέλει να ανοίξει κάποιο blog, θα πρέπει πρώτα να του δώσετε κάποιου είδους πιστοποιητικό κοινωνικών φρονημάτων, όπως γινόταν επί χούντας; Είναι κι αυτή μία άποψη...Υπάρχει και κάτι που λέγεται ελευθερία της έκφρασης. Θα μπορούσατε να απαντήσετε με επιχειρήματα στα blog και όχι να χρησιμοποιείτε χαφιεδίστικες μεθόδους.

  73. Change the title to "jew report" you do not have any relation atall with Greece

  74. Μπορείς να μου πείς κ. Ανώνυμε που είδες τίποτα για πιστοποιητικά κοινωνικών φρονημάτων εδώ μέσα; Δικαίωμα είναι καθενός να γράφει ότι του γουστάρει όπως και δικαίωμά μου να κριτικάρω εκείνους που γράφουν ανοησίες αναμασώντας αντισημιτικές ύβρεις και φανταστικές θεωρίες συνομωσίας. Όσο γιά την καραμέλα για δήθεν "χαφιεδίστικες μεθόδους", δεν έχω αποκαλύψει καμία ταυτότητα κανενός που δεν το έχει ο ίδιος (ή η ίδια) κάνει προηγουμένως και δημοσίως στο blog του (της) αν και ξέρω ποιοί είναι αρκετοί απ' τους ανώνυμους.

    Όσο για τον (δεύτερο;) Ανώνυμο, I have considered your suggestion for changing the name of my log and have found it illogical: I am a Greek citizen and have served honorably in my country's Armed Services, I owe no back taxes and have never found myself on the wrong side of the law. Not to mention that members of my family have fought and many have died in Greece's wars since the country became independent. I count generals, police officers and Greek Orthodox priests, as well as doctors, civil servants, factory workers, shop owners and also the occasional shady character among my family. I am the typical middle class Greek. So "Hellenic Report" it is and it will remain, but thanks for the suggestion.

  75. I personally don't agree with the tactic to accuse people on what they believe, and terrorize them with law and jail, if they express their opposite opinion. In this case I can't understand, why someones made it illegal or bad to be someone anti-semitic, when anyone can be anti-Greek, anti-Orthodox, anti-human (making wars etc), anti-English, anti-Muslim, anti-Amerikan, anti-Italian, anti-communist etc etc etc...

    I don't get why noone can do more research about holocaust as a history researcher and publish evidence of that historical fact. I don't get why KIS in our country, has become a state in our state and has authorities that only a nation should have. I don't get why they have to remove anti-semitic things from history books, but leave there any anti-greek, anti-turkish, anti-german things.

    I agree not to provoke violence, but I disagree not to provoke violence only against Hebrews, while to provoke it against any other nation.

    Finally, I would like to notice to you the below video, by a Hebrew Politic woman saying the truth:
    Saying in Greek translation:

    «Λοιπόν, είναι ένα τέχνασμα που πάντα χρησιμοποιούμε (οι Ισραηλινοί - Εβραίοι). Όταν κάποιος από την Ευρώπη ασκεί κριτική στο Ισραήλ, τότε αντιπαραθέτουμε το Ολοκαύτωμα. Όταν στις ΗΠΑ οι άνθρωποι κριτικάρουν το Ισραήλ, τότε είναι αντισημίτες και η οργάνωση είναι δυνατή και έχει πολλά λεφτά και οι δεσμοί μεταξύ του Ισραήλ και του Αμερικανοισραηλινού λόπμπι είναι πολύ δυνατοί στη χώρα αυτή όπως γνωρίζετε έχουν δύναμη. Είναι ταλαντούχοι άνθρωποι με χρήμα και μέσα μαζικής ενημέρωσης και η στάση τους είναι ότι το Ισραήλ είναι η χώρα τους είτε κάνει λάθη είτε όχι και δεν ανέχονται να ασκείται κριτική στη χώρα τους. Γι' αυτούς είναι πολύ εύκολο να κατηγορήσουν ανθρώπους που κριτικάρουν συγκεκριμένες ενέργειες της Ισραηλινής Κυβέρνησης ως αντισιμήτες και αντιπαραθέτουν το Ολοκαύτωμα και τα δεινά που έχει περάσει ο Εβραϊκός λαός για να δικαιολογήσουν όλα όσα κάνουμε στους Παλαιστίνιους σήμερα.»

    I am not against Hebrews, or semites or whatever. I am against on those that terrorize me with a deadly catastrophic jail if I say any opinion, and complain on what I feel. Especially when some people say to my face that.. they use law terrorism and their power to force people not to talk!

    As Plato wrote, "We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy is when men are afraid of the light". Yes. It's a TRAGEDY that you AFRAID the LIGHT OF FREEDOM, to research, talk, say opinions etc, and use LAW in TERRORIST FORM to FORCE VIA LAW TERRORISM people to avoid the LIGHT of historical research and freedom. You should be ashamed! And this is not anti-semitic words!.. These words are anti-utilization-semitic, meaning, against on those that utilize semitism to terrorize via law the world, like "Xounta" that Greek already passed and Greek seems to hate "Xounta" so much!

  76. What also I would expect, from people like you that are against anti-semitic people, four things.

    a. Mr. Pleurhs has wrote a book, that is accused as anti-semitic, although about 90-95% is only presenting facts, and just 5-10% Mr. Pleurhs opinions. Thus, I would like those that support semitism to prove that this book is fake / false, not by utilizing law to force destroy the book, but by proving one by one the book's facts are false facts. I.e., why is it bad to be someone anti-semitic, but noone cares if some people are teached in their life anti-human things like those that Talmouds say against the rest humanity; I have seen videos with young hebrews/israel talking with hate against the other humans - due to their education. Why noone does something about these facts. Why they don't force via law, the Talmoud teaching off, but instead they force us not to talk?

    b. I have read that Pleurhs was accuse for making in common knowledge, things that produce violence, by refering texts from the holy bibles of hebrews/Sionists. Why Pleyrhs was accused for writing down those things for puplic to get informed, and not Hebrews/Sionists whatever, that wrote the books and specially those that TEACH them to young children?

    c. Forgive me if I have low I.Q., but I don't think that moral and truth has anything to do with I.Q. With I.Q. seems to have to do the deception, as it needs really hight IQ to come up with fake structural believed stories, and succeed persuade others. I believe that if you persuade the world via open dialogs, with real anti-semitics as antilogue, to understand your truth, this would be much more moral and trustworthy than forcing via laws people not to talk about those things.

    d. Remove the laws that are against to Holocaust research!.. Let all kinds of researchers do their research, and appose their facts. I have read that there was a trial about Holocaust. Where can we find the full state-opinions of both sides of that trial in internet? Just to judge the facts on ourselves too.. We HAVE that right, to see all those documents, as far as, Holocaust is concern us all as it seems! - Anyone that is against it, is accused and "going to jail".

    I am not anti-semitic. I am to the side of open research, truth, to persuade with talking points and not laws and police, and democracy as it was "designed and developed" in the ancient Athens. I don't think, that I harm anyone by saying those words and I am not a "bad" person.

    And, sorry for my bad english!

  77. I would like also to take a look in the below document, which I uploaded just now in order to help you see some things I have seen and understand my position:


    This document contains according to Pleurhs (noone have said/proved till now that these documents are fake!) teaching material, about hebriew-sionism. This teaching material, as you can see (translate it to English if you want), is against humanity. Thus, I guess, if semitics support that documents and believe at that documents, then all HUMANITY by default should be anti-semitic.

    I don't get it.. Why it's illegal to be against a few people that hate us, and teach their children to hate us!.... What is the reason? .. Why those people are not illegal for provoting offensive hate against us, and we are the illegals because we, even if we don't want it, might produce defensive reactions that might lead to hate too? What is your opinion on this subject, because many people are confused, including me!?..

    Thank you.

  78. To "area51gr":

    Where to begin! Regarding Mr. Plevris, I will take the lazy person's approach and rather than replay at length here refer instead to what others have written, refuting, convincingly and definitively in my opinion, his so-called "arguments". Here are some links; if anyone wishes to write with additional links please do so:

    You may not have noticed, but I have refrained from addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the simple reason that the title of this blog is "Hellenic Report" and not "Israeli Report" or "Middle Eastern Report". There are many Greek language blogs and web sites that range from the very critical to the openly hostile towards Israel and that country's policies regarding the the Palestinians. But unless such criticisms are a disguise for antisemitic attacks (which they often are), I make no mention of them here. I have no interest in defending (or criticizing) Israeli policies any more than I wish to defend or criticize Russian, Sri Lankan, Philippine or Moroccan policies in this blog. Bringing up the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to disguise or in response to complains of antisemitism is simply a red herring, that is an attempt to derail the discussion. But since you brought this up let me give you something to think about: The Palestinians and pretty much all Arab countries have taken Turkey's side on the Cyprus issue on all United Nations votes and they officially recognize the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as "Macedonia". The state of Israel, on the other hand, has consistently voted in the United Nations with Greece and Cyprus on matters pertaining to the Turkish occupation of Northern Cyprus and officially recognizes our neighbor to the north as the "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia".