Monday, October 5, 2009

The (sour) grapes of wrath

The election is over but the hysteria of the nationalist socialist fringe is reaching new heights. Although the PASOK victory was expected, the hope in those circles was that the difference between PASOK and New Democracy would be smaller than it turned out, PASOK would not command an absolute majority in Parliament and that LAOS would reach, maybe, 10% and so if PASOK failed to form a government, New Democracy would be forced to ask for LAOS' support. Of course, there were many other scenaria, from all sides of the political spectrum. But now that reality has hit hard, the weeping and gnashing of teeth have begun in earnest.

The always good for a laugh Δελτίο των 11 laments the election of Joseph(???) Papandreou and claims that in some New York synagogue (which one?) they are uncorking champagnes, presumably to celebrate PASOK's victory. Spyros Hatzaras, who writes all this, is probably confused, having mistaken recent champagne consumption by NYC Jews celebrating, a couple of weeks earlier, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New year, with interest in the outcome of the Greek election. This is in keeping, of course, with the delusion that the world revolves around Greece that Mr. Hatzaras and his fellow national socialists share. It is actually entertaining to read this blog, as Jewish conspirators are being discovered left and right, always trying to harm the pure and virtuous but, apparently, clueless Greeks, at least according to Mr. Hatzaras' telling of things. Clearly the gentleman is in a deep funk at choice of the Greek people.

Of course it was a matter of time before other members of the government would be tarred with the inevitable "Jew lover" slur by those mourning the elections outcome. Already, the Deputy Foreign Minister of the new government is described as a "close friend of the European Jewish Council". Although he is not labeled as an employee or associate (because he was not) but only as a "friend", the latter, in the eyes of the Greek antisemites, should disqualify him from joining the government. This certainlybrings back memoried of how the antisemites treated another Greek Deputy Foreign minister thirteen years ago.

I think that the irritation of the the national socialist circles has to do with the fact that none of the parties and politicians they would like to see running the country have been able to muster enough support to even come close to being asked to enter into a coalition government, never mind being able to form one themselves. This "ingratitude" of the Greek people really burns them up. So they resort to the only response they know: Calling their opponents names, spreading rumors and innuendo and throwing around plenty of mud under the assumption that even if you touch mud with a glove it is the glove that gets muddy and not the mud glovy.


  1. I had to delete a few recent comments, not because they questioned my parentage or sexual predilections (although I am happy and quite content with both) but because of the foul language used. A (censored) example: "F**k you motherf***ing bas***d Jew". This is, basically, the level of discourse and strength of argument of the majority of the antisemites. And, as I have mentioned many times already, I am not Jewish. Not that there's anything wrong with it...

  2. come come... I think you exagerate; I have not been following the comments lately, but I almost feel compelled to think something isn't right. There may be some bias in this country, but having lived here for 20 years, I have never seen such violent and foul language, definitely among english speaking locals surfing on the net.

    We do have our fair share of morons and retards, but I can't believe they all came to you to make their point...

  3. Alas, I am not exaggerating. Check out some of the comments to previous postings.